How do I order individual dances?

Please visit our English or Irish language shop, select the dance/dances you would like to purchase and press “Add to Cart” and then Checkout. You will be brought to our payment page, after payment has processed you will receive an email with the download link(s)


How do I pay for individual dances?

After you have added your choices and selected Checkout, you can complete the transaction and pay by credit card/PayPal. Payment by cheque or bank transfer is only acceptable when purchasing the complete dance pack.


How do I download my order?

When you have completed the transaction you will be brought back to the purchase page where you will see the download link to download your purchases.


I never received an email with download link?

Please check your spam/junk folders or return to the My Orders page to view and download your orders.


Can I pay by bank transfer or cheque?

We only accept credit card or PayPal for online purchases, please contact us to order by bank transfer or cheque.


How do I order the complete Dancin’ Time pack?

Please visit our English or Irish shop and select the “Pack” option. Press “Add to Cart” and then Checkout.


I ordered a pack, how long will it take?

Generally up to 1-week.


How do I add dances to my iPad or iPhone?

Open iTunes on your computer. Select File > Import to Library and select your unzipped purchases from the saved location on your computer. Once you have imported the dances to your iTunes Library, you can sync your device. For Android Devices, please consult your music management application regarding importing and syncing of files.

Another method is to save your purchases to Dropbox, you can add your purchases to your Dropbox account and access via the Dropbox app, available for phones and tablets.


Where can I see my previous orders?

To view previous orders and download links, please visit the My Account page.